Friday, January 25, 2008

How to Add Smileys on/to Blogger Posts

In this episode I will explain to you "how to make your blog more expressive with smile icon" without copy an image and put to your blog, but with only little code and then it will be smile icon image automatically. For example, if you type this code :) it will atomatically change to this image , this code :p will be like this and etc. Do you interest? if no, go from my blog
here's the trick:

1. Login to blogger then chose "layout --> Edit HTML"
2. Find this code ]]></b:skin>, if you found it then put the code below under it.

<script src='
' type='text/javascript'/>

3. Save your editing.

* Before you type the code you have to press "space" first"

here is the code to show smile icon

:) -->
:( -->
:p -->
:D -->
:$ -->
;) -->
:@ -->
:# -->
:k -->
:x -->
:o -->
:O -->
:L -->
:r -->
:s -->
:y -->
:~ -->
:v -->
:f -->
:d -->
:c -->
:z -->


  1. Eko N. Sudjarwo said...
    Hi, I just tried this, but it doesn't work. The :p didn't change to be an icon. What's wrong?

    •·.·´`·.米米™.·´`·.·• said...
    Is der anyway to customise & edit the smileys? Besides puttin spacebar can we put like * instead?
    O.Z said...
    Hi it didn't work :(
    what's wrong? u should update it bro
    Anonymous said...'s same to me.

    Your Future?
    Anonymous said...
    It worked for me thank you Kindly for the clear instructions its great :)
    Anonymous said...
    Hmm Actually some of the smileys do not work ?? :z and :D for two examples
    Fico said...
    ...(sigh) i follow the instruction, but its really doesn't work at all.. any suggestion ??
    Or its only for old version? cause i am using the xml version.
    Max said...
    you're just great man!!
    i really like your work.. thnk u so much...

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