Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blogger Beta provides an easy way to create link lists even for those who don't know HTML. But, there is no such functionality for drop-down menus. I had a few people ask me how to create drop-down menus and where to add them in the template. I thought this is something which can be simplified using a third-party widget. I have created an interface, similar to that of Beta, with which you can easily create drop-down menus and add them to your blog with one-click!

Just goto my Drop-down menu creator page and add your menu items one by one by providing a name and URL for each item. The updated menu will be shown to you. Once you are happy with the menu that you created, click the button to add it to your blog. You will see a page (like the one shown below) where you can select the blog (if you have more than one), provide a title for your menu and then click "Add Widget". You will see the widget getting added to your sidebar which you can move around to wherever you want. All this can be done without touching the template code!


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