Sunday, January 20, 2008

One of my visitor Hitesh Kulkarni sent a letter to me.
Here is the letter


I always wanted a list in my blog of the titles of all my post. Recently, I saw one in your blog. Can you please reveal, how do you do that? Is it that you just type in the links or you have done some of the coding work .Also I wanted to know that you are using old or the new blogger? Will the list function work in all blogging platforms?


Hello Hitesh, you forgot to mention your blog’s URL. This blog is using the new blogger XML template. To type in the links for blog posts was a very lengthy process, also it needed to be updated every time you post.But the method I use is very simple and works within seconds.Which ever blogging platform you are using, this method should work. All you require is a feed of your blog. Blogger has an inbuilt feed option for you. Your RSS feed URL should be .Now you need to convert this into a simple javascript coding. You can get one converted here. Fill in all the details you want.

After you had that converted, Go to Dashboard > Layout > Page Elements > Add a Page Element > HTML / Javascript. Paste the javascript code you obtained in it. Click on save . Now give your blog a look . It worked !

This method can also be used for displaying recent posts list after posts or in the sidebar.
For this, you have to change the number of post titles to be displayed.
To add a recent posts list after each post , you need to parse the Javascript code. It can be done here. Then paste the parsed javascript in your XML template in this line “post footer line 2” paste it there and see the results.

Note:: This will only give recent posts and not the previous posts.


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