Saturday, January 12, 2008

Neo template is not just some CSS magic. It is an ultra-fast template with which one can navigate through your blog very quickly. As a result, your visitors would enjoy their stay in your blog. It employs the cutting edge technology called AJAX (in particular JSON) and makes best use of the advanced features of new Blogger such as Label feeds and Per-post comment feeds. And it's free too! To summarize it's features:

1. A visitor can navigate through your blog much faster because the entire page (all the sidebar stuff) won't be reloaded while viewing every post. When he selects a post from the list of recent posts (or posts under a particular label), the selected post and its comments are displayed instantly. When he selects a label, the list of posts under that label are loaded asynchronously too.

2. Newer comments are shown before older ones instead of the usual oldest to newest order. Also, comments are divided into pages with 10 comments in each page. Both these features make a big difference if your blog gets many comments.

3. Rounded corner boxes and pleasant colors add to the visual impact.

But, it does have some limitations. It doesn't go well with blogs that use Adsense/other ads because it results in fewer page impressions. Please go through the Neo FAQ to find out how to modify Neo (to show comments from oldest to newest order) and understand other limitations/requirements of Neo to work properly.

I am using a modified version of Neo in this blog. Check out the demo blog to get a feel of how Neo would work with your posts. To this basic template, you can add header image, change colors/fonts using the new Blogger's WYSIWYG interface etc. Various blogs using Neo are showcased in this page. You can see how people have customized the look and feel of Neo.

Neo template is available free of cost. More details in this post. Neo awaits you!


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